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Thank You Sabah – Pastor


KENINGAU – Over 30,000 Christians across Sabah attended the “All Borneo Revival Healing Rally” here at the Keningau Sports Complex on Sunday

Organising Chairperson Pastor Gedion Lamangis said the event, which will be held from today until Tuesday next week, had not been possible without the support of the State Government.

This comes following banning of a similar event in Melaka and cancellation by the Sarawak Church leaders of another event in Miri earlier.

“We are duly thankful to the State Government for allowing us to organise this event despite there had been opposition from some quarters in the peninsular Malaysia. Thanks also the Keningau Police who had approved our permit and subsequently, the management of the Keningau Sports Complex who had allowed us to use the complex,” he said.

According to Gideon, the “All Borneo Revival Healing Rally” is organised by the ‘Interior Prayers Network’ a working group under the Keningau Council of Churches and is part of their church annual activities.

“We had chosen to use the sports complex as the crowd grew larger since last year’s organising,” he said.

Gedion noted the rally, which include a conference, prayers’ worship and talks from invited speakers, was aimed to strengthen of the Christians and bring them closer to God, adding that Sabahans are not swayed over the events in the Peninsular Malaysia posing a direct threat to Christians.

“Perhaps, they are worried their followers would be swayed and convert to Christianity and thus the reason why they are saying all this things. But in Sabah, everyone has the freedom of choice in religion this is enshrined in the guarantees of the Keningau Oath Stone,” he said.

Meanwhile, Keningau Council of Churches Chairman Pastor John Anthonny said this is the first time the event of such scale of 30,000 people are expected part in the church activities.

“We are truly glad that the government had given their support. We are expecting Christians from Telupid, Keningau, Tenom, Pensiangan, Nabawan, as well as Ranau and Kota Kinabalu to be here for three nights,” he said.

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