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RM16.8 million bridge to be constructed in Babagon 


PENAMPANG: A new bridge, that  cost of RM16.8 million, is set to be built over the Babagon River, connecting Kg. Timpangoh to the main road.

The Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative, Datuk Ewon Benedick, officially kicked off the project today with a ground-breaking ceremony held at the construction site.

Speaking to reporters after the event, he said the 90-metres concrete bridge  was expected to be completed  within the two year period as set by the Public Works Department (JKR) .

“This bridge has been a highly anticipated infrastructure project for the residents of the Babagon sub-district, particularly for those involved in transporting agricultural produce, commuting to work, and taking their children to school,” he emphasised.

According to him the bridge  would benefit some 6000 villagers most of whom were farmers with their main crop being Lemon Grass and Galangal.

“With the construction of the bridge they will be able to bring out their farm produce enabling them to reach a wider market,” he said, adding that the bridge would also be able to accord children with comfortable transportation to schools.

Previously, there was only one low-level crossing route in Babagon, which served as the only way out and with the completion of this bridge in the near future, it will become the main route for the villagers.

“This government initiative is a valuable contribution to the local community, and I am optimistic that it will deliver substantial advantages to the residents, particularly in enhancing economic opportunities, education, and employment prospects,” Ewon who is also the Penampang Member of Parliament stated.

He encouraged farmers in the villages to form or join coperatives to ensure their economic empowerment, social cohesion, and sustainable development for their members and the broader community.

“In addition, we have earmarked smaller-scale funds from the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative for specific projects, including the RM300,000 upgrade of Tamu Babagon and the construction of a Sunday school at this church, funded with RM200,000 from the allocation of the Penampang Member of Parliament,” ,he shared.

Also present during the event were Datuk Donald Mojuntin the United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (UPKO) Deputy President, Bryan Matasing  Penampang Parliament liason officer and Francis Chong the District Officer as well as the Village Chief Monis A Gimbun among other.

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